Wednesday, May 30, 2018

poetry and story inn fridays week 24, july 12, july 29, 2018

Image result for welcome back from asia

how much do you understand a nation called


and how long have you being think of it,
but never tried to visit it?

think of Malaysia,
think of Zambia,
think of Virginia
think of  Parkistan

we must learn from a diffeernt culture to be a better human
let's travel and reflect and print our memory art in blogs

poetry and story inn fridays week 23, june 28 ---july 15, 2018

Image result for dong yi and zhang ji 

Dong yi,
she performs Korea movie
making history as a host
which opens our eyes

cultural and character
food and geographic differences
all seem can be adapted
and accepted

poetry and story inn fridays week 22 (june 14, july 1, 2018)

lovely red ball,
a coat to Winter,
an art to Tom, Jiahong, and Sheng, and Ji,
we love it

what a marvel
to observe
to describ
and to write our freedom on a holly spiritual ball

Happy Birthday to USA, july 4, 2018)

poetry and story inn fridays week 21, (may 31, june 17, 2018)

who is she?
melania trump has many characters,
one of her is like this,
assuring, smiling, confident, and knowing....

praise first lady of America for a change,
a mother to a son,
to a daughter,
to a nation with trillions of civilians

Thursday, May 17, 2018

poetry amd story inn fridays week 20 (may 17, june 3, 2018)

Vanessa Nicklow,
princess of Loyola University,
does she know Rann Wang?
does she know Spencer Kushner?

come on,
read Jenna Bush, read Michael Fitts, read Ira Solomon,
come on,
read Gloria Gay, read Anne Davis Pence, read A. B. Freeman,

our poetry and story keep jumping,
jumping over the fence of Louisiana state,
runing marathon to Texas, to new mexico,
and to Washington D. C.

bless Jane Nicklow, Mellisa Galway, Matt Nicklow,
remember Mark Twain, Emily Hargis, Ivanka Trump,
a red shirt is a way to stay hot on politics and on business

happy birthday to sheng, richard, thomas, boone, sam, eric, larry, victor, ben, abe, david, and william)


Tuesday, May 15, 2018

mother's day and hong kong intelligence

 Image result for sun yat-sen university

where great faculty rise
we do enjoy  Cai guangsheng, Man Zheng, Charlotte Birkenstock, amelia wilson, sundar pichai,

Image result for sun yat-sen university

Lin Zexu, Xu Zhimo, Yan Ji, Huang Xin, Qiu Jing, Huang Yanpei, Sheng Wu, Niu Ying,
hu songzhi, fan jiuxiang, hu jintao, george bush, jena bush, all good fans to the place

Image result for Ningxia university

ningxia university, a place for peaceful walking

Image result for beijing jiaotong university 

Image result for hebei university

Image result for hubei university 

Image result for hubei university  a hubei university at Wuhan city,