Thursday, August 31, 2017

poetry & Story Fridays week 1


Wednesday, August 30, 2017

special notificayion

the story slam will stop running in that sector for further notice,
due to technique issues since the host has moved to a new location,
many thanks for your patience and support to bluebell books twitter cub short story slams
week 1 to week 74

to read lots of short stories and poetry books
check out books either from and via the link below,
good luck

Monday, August 28, 2017

lovely buffett

she said yes,
I typed Ferret
she turned around
I obtain red cheeks
she cooked fish
I eat some potatoes
she makes a mistake
I stopped running
she is confused
I feel relaxed to stress myself out

she is good

not so bad
I believe that she is good
not so sad
I agree that you are perfect

tomorrow worries

why do you frown
do you love hush brown?
why do you write?
do you agree tht everyone else is right?

Saturday, August 26, 2017

michael fitts, jay slee, rick perry, george bush, and eric wood

why they drive?
why they count?
why they walk too?

ask Zhu keliang or kong ming,
we love his parents, Shu Yuanpu and Yan Lankai
we appreciate David Gu and Wu Fujiu

how do this work?
how can you forget?
why do you lie?

jerry bona, peter constantin, tao lizheng, and zhang qi

riverside news
tai lizheng and zhang qi are coming to Queen, new york
elizbeth garrett is mad in outer space
kim wilcox AND YNG Lan join zhao kun, guaan li, yang lo, zhang guanghou, and han pigong

peter donaldsher and ryan mavericthom

peter donaldsher and ryan mavericthom
who they are?
why they care?

bush and clinton
cheney and gore
biden and obama
wilson and murphy

presidents are ordinary people
who contribute extraordinary values
all equal
all set for top efforts and poetic fitbits

why I admire howard tilton and aly buffett

why do I value howard tilton and aly buffett
because they agree to learn
from anyone
who make some pancakes

why do I enjoy typing tulane-new comb?
because they serve
and appear friendly
regardless who we are

why audubon zoo is attractive?
why freddie paul decides to support orchardtra and scott jackson?
why jung's food impress melania trump?
why do I write?

you decide why

stanlet thomas tech

do you mean it?
stanley thomas?
chapman hyams?
mabel dresser?
richard bruff?

check all them out with michael fitts
or call Lily Milwit

long story from a yamfeed

at new york long island
a duck quacks
he seeks waters
but the pacific ocean is dry