Tuesday, December 26, 2023

poetry and story inn week 162, erlanger, independence, cincinnati, franklin, and westchester










city limits

public libraries

fast food

easy going hotels


they seem having a happy holiday



 Tower Shines for Texas Independence Day | Our Tower 


Community member: County of Greensville

Saturday, November 25, 2023

poetry and sotry inn on fridays week 160, Brooklyn bridge and annapolis junction ...




 Broadneck Park - Annapolis, MD - Been There Done That with Kids 

broadneck park, annapolis city, maryland

Location & Maps - Anne Arundel Community College 

anne arundel community college 

101 College Parkway | Arnold, MD 21012-1895


 Annapolis High School

 Evening High School/Summer Schools Office 
Address: 2644 Riva Road Annapolis, MD 21401


 Brooklyn College School of Education | CSforALL

brooklyn, new york





Monday, November 20, 2023

poetry and story inn on fridays week 159 , Thanksgiving Next Week



 Manhattan College | New York NY 

manhattan, new york 

Hunan Normal University - Wikipedia 


Sheng Pei Su papers and PDFs · OA.mg 

English Language Teachers at Hunan First Normal University - China  University Jobs

Students graduate from unique BNUZ-SMU partnership program | SMU News and  Events 

saint mary college students,   notre dame, in

Alumna Bingjie Liu Offered a Faculty Position at Hunan First Normal  University | Music | College of Liberal Arts 

bingjie liu

Northwest University - Idealist

Sunday, August 27, 2023

poetry and story inn on fridays week 155, new places



 Mozilla's Firefox Browser History 


22 Things You Didn't Know About Microsoft & Bill Gates 

micro soft founder bill gates

The future our grandchildren deserve | Bill Gates 

Jerry Yang and David Filo | Rosen Publishing 

yahoo former ceo

Mark Zuckerberg | Entrepreneur 

mark zuckerburg

fce book founder

Saturday, August 19, 2023

poetry and story inn on fridays week 153, Notre Dame and Fort Wayne



along highway 19

tr-urn left

getting on highway 31, 6

life is but a dream

when you read a blog

you are on a highway ,

---high speed traffic of data

--information high way is magical

do enjoy this blog and drive along

to a fancy destination of Notre dame,

when you visit fort Wayne public school,

you feel extremely great then