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 2021 Chinese New Year's Eve: February 11th


 2021 Chinese New Year Date: February 12th


 2022 Chinese New Year Date: February 1st 

Chinese Lunar New Year 2021: Dates & Calendar

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February 11th December 30th New Year's Eve (除夕, chúxì)
February 12th January 1st Spring Festival (春节, chūn jié)
February 13th January 2nd To the in-law's (迎婿日, yíng xù rì)
February 14th January 3rd Day of the Rat (鼠日, shǔ rì)
February 15th January 4th Day of the Sheep (羊日, yáng rì)
February 16th January 5th Break Five (破五, pò wǔ)
February 17th January 6th Day of the Horse (马日, mǎ rì)
February 18th January 7th Day of the Human (人日, rén rì)
February 19th January 8th Day of the Millet (谷日节, gǔ rì jié)
February 20th January 9th Providence Health (天公生, tiān gōng shēng)
February 21st January 10th Stone Festival (石头节, shí tou jié)
February 22th January 11th Son-in-law Day (子婿日, zǐ xù rì)
February 23th–25th January 12th–14th Lantern Festival Preparations
February 26thJanuary 15thLantern Festival (元宵节-yuán xiāo jié)

As 2021 is a Year of the Ox. Chinese will often greet with:

 "Wish you Ox year lucky." 祝你牛年吉祥!

 Chinese New Year 2021 – Year of the Ox




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